The Sojourn- Part 2

I was recently on a cross-country rail journey on which I first wrote about here. In the second and final part of this series, I write about my return journey which was equally if not more momentous, and with its own fair share of ups and down.

Well fed and at least 2 kg heavier and in a jolly good mood after a much delayed break, we boarded the train with our RAC tickets, because, again we had to take whatever we could get our hands on. The good part of it was getting the side berth again(yay!), whoch meant taking great pics and less disturbance from others. The bad part was sharing the seat with my dad which was okay while sitting but became very cramped when lying down. Oh well, we were hoping to get another confirmed ticket as the journey progressed and eventually did get one. We had 8 bags of luggage between the two us (talk of traveling light!) out of which 4 bags were filled entirely with food that our friends and relatives had so graciously given to us. Thank god Indian railways doesn’t charge for extra luggage or else we would have had to pay a bomb!

Revitalized and re-energized after a well deserved break, and also because of a lack of having anything at all to do, I began my sessions of clicking pictures and selfies much to the amusement of other fellow passengers! Who cared if my skin was tanned beyond belief and hair needed a good conditioning treatment and I looked like a fugitive who had run away from jail! I wanted to click selfies to keep as a memory and I did! So some of the photos I clicked on the return journey are here:

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After a mostly uneventful journey, and soaking in the raw, rustic beauty of rural India I was back in the hustle and bustle of city life. But wait! Something had changed! Something had changed within me! I began to look at daily humdrum things in a different light. Subconsciously I was comparing the way of life of the two cities, one were I visited and one where I was born and brought up and came to call “home”. Truly, travel helps widen and change one’s perspective in ways one cannot even imagine. I still have a month before I would know whether my journey would be fruitful or not, but the travel helped to calm tempests inside me. I knew there were many more battles to be fought and injuries to be suffered and somehow I was ready to fight what ever came my way. And that is the power of travel, even if it is to seemingly offbeat destinations and for the shortest period of time.


P.S: For Part 1 of this two part series called “The Sojourn” click here.


Don’t tell me not to give up, remain silent 

Don’t tell me it’ll all be well, 

Keep trying, give your best and then some more, 

It’ll be fine, remain silent! 

Don’t make me dream of things that are not my destiny 

Don’t make me see a future that shall not be 

Don’t make me believe that miracles can happen, remain silent.  

Don’t give me false hopes 

Don’t tell me it’s not your fault, it bloody well is

Don’t tell me there is a light at the end of the tunnel, 

it is way too dark on the way to reach that far, 

So remain silent . 

Believe that the worst possible would happen and then more 

Believe that what could possibly go wrong would happen,  and more than that too, 

Believe that fruits of labour would take time to grow, 

Believe that they eventually would grow. 

Believe in the positive if only for the sake of your own sanity, 

Believe that eventually everything that happens, happens for the ultimate good. 

Labour on, and be silent. 

Labour on, aimlessly, joylessly , 

Labour on for the ever elusive fruit, 

Labour on to make some sense of the mess. 

Labour on to make the knots less naughty, 

Labour on to remain afloat. 

Labour on to fight your battles 

Labour on and be silent. 

The Sojourn – Part 1

When Nature decides to use a paint-brush, all we can do is stop and stare! I was recently on a cross country train journey from a metropolis in the east to a small city in the western most state in India where my grand parents’s roots lie. As happens with any last minute train bookings, you take whatever you can get your hands on. So for the first time in my life, this city bred snob set foot in a NON-AC sleeper class coach which was to be her home for a 36 hour long marathon journey from one corner of the country to the other.

Running late thanks to a lost Uber driver who couldn’t find a location for half an hour despite having the latest GPS technology in his hands, I reached just in the nick of time. And then came the onslaught of “coolies” fishing for their newest prey. And I played right into their hands and agreed to get totally ripped off for their charges, only so I wouldn’t miss the train. Phew! What a start! I wondered what else lay in store.

The upside of being in a NON-AC coach was open windows with just a few rods as a grille. I was looking forward to my side berth seat and the view I would get of the Indian countryside and also the photos that would get to click.  Forgetting all the initial hiccups, I got myself a steaming hot cup of chai. Soaking in the sights and smells and the abundance of fresh, cold air, the journey began. And boy! What a view it was. 


I traversed through open fields and pitch dark tunnels. By farms with bulls ploughing the fields and farmers sowing seeds. By small villages with kachha rastas, with people riding on motor-bikes, sometimes 4 on one bike! Over small streams with glistening water. By miles and miles of untouched wilderness. By towns and cities, the names of which one had only read of in textbooks. By factories and coal fields. By dams over rivers, where village ladies went about their daily chores.By geese flocking beside small ponds. By flocks of birds flying away into the sunset.

Some of the photographs that I took from the train are here:

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I was already looking forward to the return journey about which I shall write in Part-2.

P.S: For Part 2 of this two part series called “The Sojourn” click here.

The Constant Struggle 

Why is life a constant struggle starting from even before we are born? From the race to be that one sperm to win the race to fertilize the egg, to the struggle to break free from the mother’s womb, causing pain to the mother too. I can totally understand why we come into this world crying!

Then begins a rollercoaster of rat race after rat race, game after game, milestone after milestone which we must triumph or let them triumph over us. Learned men call this “life”! I ask why? Why must every step we take be coupled with a test? A constant test of patience, faith, tolerance, intellect and the zest to live. Why must our paths be riddled with hurdles? Why must every task be so uphill and unsurmountable? Why must we be answerable for every step we take? Why can’t the examiner of this question paper called life be answerable for the questions he sets? And who made him the examiner in the first place?

Yes, my thoughts do seem a bit crazy don’t they? But here I’ve penned the thoughts of a person who is struggling to stay afloat in the mad, choppy seas of what in India is called “duniyadaari”. Who is within hand shaking distance of success and yet it slips out of her hands. Who works twice as hard as other people to get half the results. Who faces unsurmountable obstacles and struggles to dodge her way through them. Who yearns for the support she never gets and yet stands as a rock by anyone she holds dear. Who must fake it till she makes it. And can just hope she does make it within the time given in this lifetime. Who must lose herself first to find a more conformed version of herself later. Who is the luckiest of the unlucky in this world. Who must die a lot today with the hope to live a bit tomorrow.
This post is from the heart so thanks for bearing with my rant if you managed to reach here. Indeed, why must we be constantly struggling?

The Write Pretty Project-1

Hey peeps!

Been away for wayyyy tooo long, but I’m back now, bringing to you “The Write Pretty Project”,  which is a series of short prose and poems written by me or featuring quotes that I simply love!

So here’s post 1 for the #TheWritePrettyProject where I write a short prose on my love affair with Petrichor, which is the pleasant smell that comes after the first rain.


Let me know how you feel in the comments below,


P.S. Feels good to be back after ages! 😀



The 3 Day Qoute Challenge : Day 3!


I have been nominated for yet another extremely interesting challenge by Darshith called the 3 day Quote Challenge!

The challenge is about posting your favourite quotes or your own quotes for 3 days in a row.

The Rules of the challenge are:
– Thank the person who nominated you
– Post a quote a day for 3 days
– Each day nominate 3 new bloggers to take part.

You can find my posts for Day 1 here and Day 2 here.

On the third and final day I am going to go ahead and give not one but two quotes and here it goes:

The first is by the legendary Capt. Jack Sparrow (swoooooonnnn!!!! ❤ )


The Second is by inimitable Bob Marley and goes as so:


Phew! Its been a very interesting challenge and I enjoyed every bit of it! 😀 And yes I’m gonna spread the joy and nominate every one who reads this post to go ahead and take this challenge!

Happy Blogging and Stay Inspired! 🙂